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Sri Renugambal Travels Tiruvannamalai, Sri Renugambal Travels Tiruvannamalai

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Sri Renugambal Travels Tiruvannamalai
Sri Renugambal Travels Tiruvannamalai
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1305 A, Thendral Nagar,
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About Us
We provide car for rent
Charges are as follows:
Tourism: Rs.1000 per day/max.300km plus driver beta Rs.300 per day/max.300km plus diesel cost.

For Chennai city: Rs.1500 per day plus driver beta Rs.450 per day plus diesel cost.

Diesel economy: 20 km/lit

For Tiruvannamalai - Chennai Airport: Rs.3,100 inclusive of toll charges.
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  • Hire Charges

    Tariff Details:
    Rent per day(max. 300km) - Rs.1000 plus
    Driver beta per day - Rs.300 plus
    fuel cost. Fuel economy - 20 km/lit.

    For Chennai city
    Rent per day Rs. 1500 plus driver beta Rs.450 plus diesel cost.

    For Chennai Airport Rs.3,000 fixed.
    Jagadheesan / Oct 31, 2013 22:26
  • What type of vehicle you send?

    What type of vehicle you will send and does the vehicle has AC.
    Dawn / Nov 01, 2013 00:59
  • Photos of vehcile

    will you send me photos of vhcile
    Dawn / Nov 01, 2013 01:03
  • Type of vehicle

    We have sedan type of car (luxury model)
    Make: Mahindra Verito D2 Taxi
    Capacity: 4 persons can travel freely with a big diki capacity to store huge lugagages
    A/c: available. Additional Re.1 per km will be charged for A/c usage. Our car is a brand new car purchased on 10th Aug 2013.
    Jagadheesan / Nov 01, 2013 04:40
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